Active citizenship and Erasmus students

Are you familiar with the term ''Active Citizenship''? Erasmus Student Network in Sofia invites you to a seminar this Saturday (13.04) to discuss the topic and to define together what makes us active citizens, what are our rights and duties, how can we contribute to the development of our society and how to leave a mark in our society!

The event will include various workshops, games and a quiz, which will help you reflect on yourself as a citizen. Here is the agenda:

1. Let's define together Active Citizenship!
2. Are you an Active Citizen?
3. Active Youth and Youth Participation - where do you stand?
4. Volunteering & Active Citizenship
5. Quiz on Europe (including awards ;) )

We have prepared a lot of surprises for you! We believe that young people have an opinion on the topic and we want to give you the floor to share it with us!

The event is especially designed for international students and young people with different backgrounds.

Help ESN determine the impact of the mobility and international experience on students’ citizenship. Go to and fill in the new ESNsurvey 2019.




National Student House (opposite of the Parliament), Gallery hall
pl "Narodno sabranie" 10
София/ Sofia 1000

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